Ice Buckets and Embryos

bildeHave you been nominated for the ice bucket challenge yet?  The craze is sweeping the nation in an effort to raise awareness (and funds) for the treatment of ALS, more commonly known Lou Gehrig’s Disease.  There is some concern, however, about whether or not the funds raised will be used to finance experiments with embryonic stem cells.  This is no small concern because research with embryonic stem cells requires killing the embryo to extract the desired cells.  Lutherans believe that such research is not moral.  You can read more about that here.  The question becomes whether or not there is a good alternative for donation.  One option is outlined here.  While we as Lutherans have disagreements with Roman Catholicism on many theological points, we agree that embryos should not be used in stem cell research.  If you have accepted the ice bucket challenge and are looking for a charity to support, please consider the JPII Medical Research Institute.


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