Gerhard on Thanksgiving

“Omnipotent, merciful God, I thank you for wonderfully preserving me from the earliest days of my youth.  I cam into this world naked.  You kindly clothed me.  I entered this world hungry.  Thus far you generously have fed me.  In you, I live and move.  Without you, I fall back to nothing and die.  In you, I bend and move my limbs.  Without you, I cannot participate in life and movement.  The sun that provides me light, which I see daily with my eyes, belongs to you.  The night belongs to you.  The alternation of day and night provides me opportunity for labor and rest.  The earth whose fruit generously nourishes me belongs to you.  Every creature in heaven, sky, land, and sea that is designated for my use and service is yours.  Silver is yours.  Gold is yours.  For whatever is necessary for the preservation of this life, I have your most generous and kind hands to thank. [. . .]

“To you, the creator and preserver of all things, be glory and honor forever.  Without you, the true sun, I would vanish like a shadow.  Without you, the true light, I would be destroyed immediately.  Without you, the true being, I would be brought to nothing instantly.  To you alone do I owe all my being, my living, and my moving.  Therefore, I will live only for you an depend only on you for eternity.”

Johann Gerhard: Meditations on Divine Mercy

Concerning Meditation on God’s Gifts 

Meditation II: Thanksgiving for Preservation


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